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How to Apply

jiravudh College, we welcome applications for enrolment all times during the school year. We have an inclusive admission policy to consider those with particular learning needs. Our Admissions process is designed to give us the opportunity to ensure that each student is able to access the whole curriculum, and that we can meet their individual needs.

The Admissions Procedure

STEP 1: Make an Application

The Application Form is available at the School Admission.
The documents in Step1 are required prior to proceeding to Step 2. Academic records are essential in the enrollment process.
  • Student Information/Educational Background
  • A minimum three years of school records, reports, or transcripts.                    Reports should detail the student's grades, marks, and teachers' comments.
  • A copy of student's birth certificate and housing certificate.

STEP 2: Schedule Appointments
The School Admission will make an appointment for an assessment date. Appointments may include the following:

  • Appointment for an Interview : Student and Parents will have an appointment for an intake interview with the school committees.
  • Academic Testing : Student is tested for English, Thai, and for Mathematics.
  • Aptitude and Skills Testing : Student will be evaluated by participating school activities in order to test their learning ability and their physical readiness.   
  • Appointment for a Final Interview : Student and Parents will have an appointment for an intake interview with the School Headmaster.

STEP 3: Review the Application and Placement Confirmation
Student has been successful through all process of assessments which are designed to assist us in making an accurate placement of student to our curriculum. The School will review the applicant's school record, test results, and interview evaluation before confirmation placement.

Please enquire for further details

Contact US

Vajiravudh College

197 Rajvithi Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
Tel: 66 26694526-9
E-mail: info@vajiravudh.ac.th
Website: www.vajiravudh.ac.th (Thai version)
www. vajiravudhcollege.com (English version)


Vajiravudh College 197 Rajvithi Rd. Dusit Bangkok 10300. Tel. (662) 6694526-9 Fax. (662) 2436995