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History of Vajiravudh College

King Vajiravudh
had long recognized the vital importance of national education, believing that the country's prosperity can be maintained only if people have adequate knowledge. Therefore after his accession to the throne he decided to establish the Royal Pages College instead of following the tradition of building a royal temple. The school was founded on December 29, 1910, and can be considered as the first project under King Vajiravudh. He not only provided personal funding for the construction and operation but also devoted his time to closely monito the development of the school.

King Vajiravudh stated on January 7, 1914 that "Thailand has reached the summit as a civilization over the period of time as is evident in all our traditions and legends. However, in some periods of Thai history enemy invasions caused severe damage to our objects and buildings. Subsequently, due to the pervasive influence of modern trends our skills of craftsmanship are overlooked while attention is shifted towards western culture. As a result Bangkok today is abounding with all kinds of visual irritations. In fact, craftsmanship is local knowledge. We cannot just imitate foreign styles since their perspective of beauty is not the same as ours, and our status is different from theirs. The best approach is to revise our own basic knowledge according to new knowledge and objects, which can be gradually developed through time."

King Prajahipok, on April 16, 1926, ordered a merger between the King's College and Royal Pages College and tittled this new institution "Vajiravudh College" in honor of King Vajiravudh, his brother. King Prajadhipok follow the policy that it would be a boarding school that would provide general education from primary to secondary level, including moral training in the style of British public schools. A board of directors was founded to manage the school, and this tradition continues to the present day.

The Royal Statue of King Vajiravudh
The memorial statue depicts King Vajiravudh in traditional royal military grab worn by His Majesty during his announcement of Siam's declaration of war against the Central Powers in World War I. Its construction was initiated by the old Vajiravudh Students Association under Royal Patronage to provide a venue for students and teachers to pay tribute to His Majesty's virtues. The designer of this Royal Statue, Chuaravi Chomsevi, and the sculptor, Anil Somboon were chosen from the College's alumni.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej graciously deputed His Highness Prince Bidyalabh Brudiyakara to preside over the gold pouring ceremony to cast the Royal Statue on November 25, 1962. On March 11, 1965, His Majesty graciously presided over the opening ceremony of this royal monument situated in front of the Assembly Hall (Chapel) of Vajiravudh College.

Vajiravudh College 197 Rajvithi Rd. Dusit Bangkok 10300. Tel. (662) 6694526-9 Fax. (662) 2436995