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Boarding School Life

The fact that students board at the school brings three huge benefits. Firstly, there is the sense of community within the boarding house. Students feel much closer to their House, to their friends and to their school than is normal in day schools. Secondly, students are able to have academic lessons in the evenings if necessary; this permits them to study extra subjects and can also free up afternoons. Thirdly, they are able to do three to four times as much sport, music, art, drama and other activities as in a day school.

 Elementary Students Section (Year4-Year6) 

The Elementary Students Section (Junior House), called "Khana Dek Lek" , was specially established to separate the areas of elementary students and secondary students' facilities. It was sited on the same parcel of land granted by King Vajiravudh. Located away from the area of secondary students, the Elementary Students Section provided younger students with their own classrooms, dwellings, and playground. With an increase in the number of elementary students attending here, the area expanded from having only one section in the beginning to two, and today there are three hourses for elementary students at Vajiravudh College namely Sanamjan House, Nanda-Udayan House, and Saranrom House.

The residence for students at Vajiravudh College called "Khana" (House), which is the monastery section of a royal temple. Each house is composed of a housemaster who has the highest responsibility for the general well-being of students. During the whole time at the boarding school the housemaster stays in close contact both with the students and with the parents.

The housemaster and the house-teachers are responsible equally for both school and leisure activities. They meet with the individual students at regular intervals to talk with them about their work, their life in the community and their problems, and to find out if they are taking advantage of the opportunities the school has to offer for their personal development.

Secondary Students Sections (Year7-Year12)

The residence of secondary students is composed of six houses which normally named after the king's palaces;
1. School House
2. Dusit House
3. Chitralada House
4. Phayathai House
5. Chongrakphakdi House
6. Saksrimongkol House

The housemasters are always on hand to offer support and advice whether in academic or other areas and a system of mentoring and guidance provided by older students, prefects, for new students entering begins the process of integration in the community which continues until boys leave the school which is the style of British public schools.

The housemaster is responsible for the day-to-day running of their boarding house and for the monitoring, well-being, and motivation of their students. Responsibility is also learned as the student is appointed to a position of responsibility within the school. Students also gain from having real responsibility, but with the training, support and advice from housemaster. In each house, there are senior prefects who have a considerable role to play in the good order and smooth running of the house.

The housemaster believes in searching for, and developing, and the potential of individuals. Therefore in our selection we look at the talents and abilities of individual students to perform well to be a good prefect. One of their key roles is to liaise with younger boys and give them support and encouragement. They are a very important part of life at Vajiravudh College.

The housemaster has an Assistant Housemaster and an Matron who assist the housemaster in the purposeful running of the house. They take a personal interest in the happiness and well-being at the boarding students to develop a sense of responsibility in students.

Every house offers some activity programs including academic and sport competitions for their boarding students in order to provide valuable lessons for many practical situations. Through participation in activity programs, students learn team work, sportsmanship, winning and losing, the rewards of hard work, self-discipline, self-confidence, and develop skills to handle competitive situations. These are qualities the public expects schools to produce students so they become responsible adults and productive citizens.

Vajiravudh Boarding encourages students to become responsible citizens who respect themselves and others, and who live in harmony with others in a community whilst simultaneously maintaining individuality. Self discipline is valued and each boarder is encouraged to accept responsibility for their actions. Good manners are considered most important not only in the boarding facility but in the entire school.

Boarders are expected to:
  • Participate actively and positively in all aspects of boarding life.
  • Accept ownership of behavior and individual achievement.
  • Demonstrate positive interaction with other students and all adults associated with the boarding facility.
  • Make judicious use of time available to them.
  • Show respect to others.
  • Take advantage of all learning opportunities and allow others to study in a quiet and calm atmosphere that is conducive to work.

Vajiravudh College 197 Rajvithi Rd. Dusit Bangkok 10300. Tel. (662) 6694526-9 Fax. (662) 2436995