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Asst. Prof. Suravudh Kijkusol , Headmaster​

Message From Headmaster
Welcome to Vajiravudh College.  It’s a great pleasure, as the Headmaster of this wonderful school, to introduce you to all it has to offer.  This website gives you a first glimpse of Vajiravudh, but I very much hope that you will want to come and visit us as you will be made very welcome.
Vajiravudh College is an all boys non-profit boarding school, founded by King Rama VI, King Vajiravudh, on December 29, 1910. 
The vision of Vajiravudh is to be a leading boarding school and to develop students to become good citizens with active and creative minds, possessing leadership skills and compassion for others, as well as have the determination to meet academic achievement with technological innovation, and to make a positive contribution to society according to the educational philosophy of King Rama VI.
We are very fortunate to have such an inspirational environment to live and work in: few schools can offer such a wonderful backdrop to shape the character of the education they provide. One cannot but be struck by the beauty of this school, with its magnificent buildings and spacious grounds.  However, the school is so much more than buildings.  At Vajiravudh College, we place a strong emphasis on high standards in all fields of endeavour, whether they be academic, cultural, sport or social.  There is a commitment to excellence in the classroom, culturally and on the sports field, and the students have a vast multitude of activities available to them.  At Vajiravudh it is admirable to achieve academically, and boys who are brilliant musicians and debaters are celebrated as much as the outstanding sportsmen.
The school aims to produce young men who are inquiring, enthusiastic, tolerant and resilient.  We place an emphasis on boys knowing the difference between right and wrong and who have the courage to stand up for what they believe.  Ultimately we want to produce good men who will become solid citizens and the future leaders within our communities of our country.
With the privilege of either working at, or attending Vajiravudh College comes a responsibility to stay at the leading edge in all spheres of endeavour.  The school certainly provides the environment and opportunities for every boy to reach his potential, having found out what it is that they love and are good at, having learned to challenge themselves and to value people.    
Best wishes,
Asst. Prof. Suravudh Kijkusol 

Vajiravudh College 197 Rajvithi Rd. Dusit Bangkok 10300. Tel. (662) 6694526-9 Fax. (662) 2436995